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The resources collected here reflect the opinion of their authors, and not neccessarily that of the Anti-Trafficking coordinator.


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Forced Prostitution: Naming an International Offense​by Nora V. Demleitner, published in the Fordham International Law Journal01-01-1994קובץ PDF
The Other Side of Right: Private Duties Under Human Rights Laws by Jordan J. Paust, published in the Harvard Human Rights Journal01-01-1992קובץ PDF
Prostitution: A Feminist AnalysisBy Belinda Cooper, published in the Women's Rights Law Reporter01-19-1989קובץ PDF
Illegal Traffic in Women: A Civil RICO ProposalBy Lan Cao, published in the Yale Law Journal01-27-1987קובץ PDF
Involuntary Servitude: Modern ConditionsBy John M. Cook, published by the Catholic Law Review11-13-1984קובץ PDF
Government Bodies Involved in Anti Trafficking Efforts - a diagram
Diagram of govenment offices active in various anti-trafficking efforts
  קובץ מסמך
NGOs active in fighting trafficking
Diagram mapping out NGOs active in fighting trafficking
  קובץ מסמך
Brochure by the Department of Legal Aid in the Ministry of Justice, which provides legal aid to victims of trafficking and slavery
  קובץ PDF
Possible New Patterns of Trafficking in Persons for Prostitution
Written by Tom Stanley-Becker, intern at the National Coordinator's Office
  קובץ PDF
Israel's New Comprehensive Trafficking Legislation
Document detailing the changes and mechanisms established in Israel's Anti-Trafficking Legislation, written soon after its enactment
  קובץ PDF