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The resources collected here reflect the opinion of their authors, and not neccessarily that of the Anti-Trafficking coordinator.


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Titleממויין לפי Title בסדר יורדDescriptionממויין לפי Description בסדר יורדDateממויין לפי Date בסדר יורדDownload  
Health Consequences of Trafficking of Women and Girls in Southeast AsiaBy Chris Breyer and Julie Stachowiack, published by the Brown Journal of World Affairs01-27-2003קובץ PDF
The health risks and consequences of trafficking in women and adolescentsStudy by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine01-13-2003קובץ PDF
Transnational Criminal Networks and International SecurityBy Melvyn Levitsky, published in the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce01-13-2003קובץ PDF
Monitoring the Status of Severe Forms of Trafficking in Foreign Countries: Sanctions Mandated under the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection ActBy Mohamed Y. Mattar, published by the Brown Journal of World Affairs 01-01-2003קובץ PDF
Economic Exploitation of Children: a European Perspectiveby Ursula Kilkelly, published by the Saint Louis University Public Law Review10-29-2002קובץ PDF
Human Rights: Responsibility of Private Cooperations By Jordan J. Paust, published by the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law01-01-2002קובץ PDF
The Human Rights Framework Applicable to Trafficking in Persons and Its Incorporation in UNMIK Regulation 2001/4By John Cerone, published in Human Rights Brief01-01-2002קובץ PDF
The Transnational Political Criminal Nexus of Trafficking in Women from UkraineBy Donna M. Hughes and Tatyana A. Denisova, published in Trends in Organized Crime06-01-2001קובץ PDF
The Optional Protocols to the UN Convention on the Rights of The Child on Sex Trafficking and Child Soldiersby Cris R. Revaz, published in Human Rights Brief02-08-2001קובץ PDF
Teaching Prostitution SeriouslyBy Beverly Balos, published in the Buffalo Criminal Law Review02-07-2001קובץ PDF