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The resources collected here reflect the opinion of their authors, and not neccessarily that of the Anti-Trafficking coordinator.


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Ibrahim and Basma Giulani vs. The State of Israel
Supreme court decision on the appeal of a couple convicted of holding a domestic worker from the Philippines. Despite there being no violence, and despite her leaving the house occasionally for short distances, the Court ruled that the victim's vulnerability and the control exerted meant she had no effective option of leaving.
06-09-2016קובץ PDF
Israel can teach about ending trafficking, too
Column by Sue Fishkoff on the National Coordinator's visit to California. This column originally appeared at
01-28-2016קובץ מסמך
The State of Israel Efforts to Counter Trafficking for Organ Removal
Written by the Legal Counseling and Legislation Department (International Law), describing Israel's legislation and policies for preventing trafficking for organs
09-24-2015קובץ PDF
Ungendering and Regendering Shelters for Survivors of Human TraffickingBy Daphna Hacker, Yaara Levine-Fraiman, and Idan Halili, published in Social Inclusion06-01-2015קובץ PDF
Recruitment of Migrant Workers in Agriculture and Construction in Israel: the Impact of Bilateral Agreements
By Rebeca Raijman and Nonna Kushnirovich, study examining the impact of bilateral agreements in Israel on migrant workers' rights, published by CIMI - center for international migration, Israel
01-10-2015קובץ PDF
Jane Doe v State of Israel
Supreme court case regarding the appeal of a woman who asked to be declared as the mother of achild concieved from a sperm and egg donation, and carried by her niece. The court denied the request, emphasizing the dangers of opening the door to methods bypassing the regulated ones, some of which may amount to trafficking in children.
01-04-2015קובץ PDF
the Trafficking Survivor CareBy the Human Trafficking Foundation12-22-2014קובץ PDF
The Global Slavery Index 2014By the Walk Free Foundation12-16-2014קובץ PDF
Trafficking in persons: The Role of the CommunityTalk by adv. Rahel Gershuni, National Trafficking Coordinator, at theFirst International Conference on “The Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse"12-08-2014קובץ וורד
Consent - the Israeli Experience
Talk given by Adv. Rachel Gershuni, National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, analyzing court decisions in slavery cases with regards to the question of victim consent
08-10-2014קובץ וורד