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Ibrahim and Basma Giulani vs. The State of Israel
Supreme court decision on the appeal of a couple convicted of holding a domestic worker from the Philippines. Despite there being no violence, and despite her leaving the house occasionally for short distances, the Court ruled that the victim's vulnerability and the control exerted meant she had no effective option of leaving.
06-09-2016קובץ PDF
Jane Doe v State of Israel
Supreme court case regarding the appeal of a woman who asked to be declared as the mother of achild concieved from a sperm and egg donation, and carried by her niece. The court denied the request, emphasizing the dangers of opening the door to methods bypassing the regulated ones, some of which may amount to trafficking in children.
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The Sinai Torture Camps - testimonies at The Detention Review Tribunal for Illegal Aliens
Testimonies relating to the Sinai Torture camps, as given before the Detention Review Tribunal for Illegal Aliens, between 2010-2012
01-01-2013קובץ PDF
Indictment of Y.T
Indictment of a defendant for offences of forced labor, unofficial translation
01-01-2006קובץ וורד
Frudenthal v. State of Israel
Supreme court case regarding the appeal of an appelant convicted of trafficking offences. The court held that every link in the chain of sale is an act of trafficking, so long
as it permits people to be treated as property or chattel that can be transferred for
trade. Translation by the Israeli Supreme Court Project.
03-08-2003קובץ PDF
Indictment in the case of I.J. and B.J.
The indictment of two defendants for the offense of holding under conditions of slavery. they were eventually convicted, unofficial translation. The case is still under appeal.
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Criminial Case 53927-12-16 - The State of Israel v. Albert Mordechayev and others
Indictment of several defendants for trafficking in organs - unofficial translation
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