Trafficking for Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation


Trafficking for prostitution and sexual exploitation is one of the most prevalent forms of human trafficking worldwide. Every year millions of people, especially women and children, are commercially exploited in the sex industry. These people are objectified and literally treated as merchandise. Many are transported from poor and developing countries to more prosperous countries, yet sometimes trafficking occurs within a country's own borders. 
Throughout the 1990's and into the early 2000's, Israel faced a severe phenomenon of human trafficking, whereby women were "imported" to Israel and forced into prostitution. At the height of this phenomenon, approximately 3,000 women per year were brought to Israel, according to police estimates.


Due to tremendous efforts by authorities and organizations, this phenomenon has dramatically diminished and is nearly entirely eradicated. During 2010, not a single case of trafficking in women was reported. Since 2011, there have been scattered cases of women transported to Israel for commercial sexual exploitation; however, these cases are less severe than the cases of the early 2000's as far as violence, abuse and coercion.