Other Forms of Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a complex phenomenon and may be manifested in different ways. In recent years, new forms of human trafficking have begun to develop in the world. For this reason, combating human trafficking requires constant attention, careful study, and the addressing of social and legal challenges as they arise.

Article 377a of the Israeli Penal Code defines the specific purposes that might be considered in the offense of human trafficking. However, In the future, the Israeli court system might be confronted with legal challenges regarding these new forms of human trafficking - which may or may not fall within the existing definitions.Therefore the Office of the National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator is constantly monitoring and assessing new forms of human trafficking and their possible effects on Israel and its judicial system.
Some areas which require our attention are, among others, trafficking for surrogacy and procreation, trafficking for the purpose of begging (especially minors), and trafficking for marriage (for example, "mail-order brides").