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About Us

​The Faculty for training of lawyers and legal advisors commenced its operation in 1996 as part of the Ministry of Justice and as one of its organs. The Faculty provides a framework for the training of lawyers and jurists in the Civil Service, which is designed for their training and professional and ideological enrichment, in the course of internal and constitutional discourse on the legal topics currently on the agenda in the fields in which they are professionally engaged.

​The Faculty currently has about 2,500 members, of which about 50% are lawyers and jurists in the Ministry of Justice.  Major importance is attributed to the activity of the Faculty principally in respect of the two following aspects:  The first is the imparting of professional knowledge and its constant updating. The other aspect is in the working contacts forged between the students themselves and the attorneys and legal advisors. These contacts and liaisons advance the interests of the legal system in the Civil Service in combination, and in terms of both human and professional collaboration.

The importance of the Faculty is in the unique character of the courses which in essence are intended to provide a solution to the professional needs of the general body of lawyers and legal advisors working in the Civil Service, both from the theoretical and the practical aspect.  In this context, in the course of the deliberations in the Faculty's courses, an opportunity is afforded to members to play an active role in the determination and implementation of firm legal policy.

The courses held in the Faculty are concerned with the areas of criminal, civil and administrative law, including legislative innovations and new case-law.  The Faculty is assisted in relation to the professional content of the courses, by senior members from the Ministry of Justice and other Ministries. In the meantime, as they are experts on the subject and are closely familiar with the specific needs of the establishments in which they are involved, members of the Faculty play a very active role in the shaping of the Faculty, as a valid and relevant factor. 

Accordingly the course lecturers emanate from among the Senior Jurists and Attorneys in the Ministry of Justice and in other Ministries, when alongside them we also enjoy the benefit of the good and well respected response of Judges, as well as experts from external establishments such as:  professionals in the medical, economic, social work and other fields.


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