Transfer of a Prisoner to Israel


1. A prisoner whose criminal proceedings have concluded and who is serving a prison sentence in a foreign country, or someone on his/her behalf, may apply to the Israeli Consul in the foreign country, directly or via the warden of the prison where he/she is imprisoned, and apply to submit a transference form to the competent Israeli authority with a request to transfer him/her to the State of Israel to continue to serve his/her sentence.

  • A request for transfer to the State of Israel may not be sent before the criminal proceedings have concluded.

2. Simultaneously, the prisoner must send a similar request to the foreign country where he is serving his/her sentence, via the prison authorities in said foreign country.

3. After completing the form, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall send the request to the Department of International Affairs at the Office of the State Attorney and it shall examine the request.

4. A prisoner who wishes to transfer to Israel must be in possession of Israeli citizenship and be a resident of Israel. Therefore, it is recommended to attach to the request form documents proving a relationship to the State of Israel ("the residency test"), for example:

  • Confirmation of army service;
  • Letters from family members;
  • Confirmations of employment in Israel;


In exceptional cases the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Public Security may approve the transfer of a prisoner to Israel even if he is not a citizen or a resident of Israel.

5. A prisoner whose transfer has been approved by all of the competent parties shall be transferred to Israel accompanied by warders from the Prisons Service. The prisoner must pay the cost of his/her transfer accompanied by the warders. The Minister of Justice and the Minister of Public Security may exempt the prisoner from paying the costs of the transfer, wholly or partly, in exceptional cases.

6. After the prisoner has been transferred to Israel the prisoner shall be brought before the District Court in Jerusalem to decide upon the enforcement of the prison sentence in Israel.