International Prisoner Transfer

​The Department of International Affairs at the State Attorney is the competent authority for processing requests pursuant to The Serving of a Prison Sentence in the Country of the Prisoner's Nationality Law, 5757-1996, that regulates the transfer of sentenced prisoners to their country of nationality – either from abroad to Israel or from Israel abroad.

​Israel has signed bilateral and multilateral conventions in this field, the main one being the European Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons.

The purpose of The Serving of a Prison Sentence in the Country of the Prisoner's Nationality Law is to allow a prisoner to serve his/her sentence in the country where he/she routinely resides and where his/her family is situated, while preventing the unique difficulties arising from serving a prison sentence in the foreign country for a prisoner and giving him/her an opportunity for him/her to rehabilitate him/herself.

Consent for the transfer of a prisoner is subject to the countries' discretion – both of the country where the offence was committed and the sentence passed, and in the country of nationality where the sentence is due to be served.

Israel's consent to the transfer of a prisoner from a foreign country to Israel and from Israel to a foreign country is subject to the discretion of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Public Security, who formulate their position while examining considerations of public security, humanitarian considerations, the chances of rehabilitation, and base it upon the opinion of the Department of International Affairs.