​One of the main functions of the Department of International Affairs is the location and extradition of criminals who have escaped from Israel, as well as the location and extradition of criminals who have escaped to Israel from abroad. Within this framework the Department maintains day-to-day contact with the parallel authorities in other countries from all over the world, and also with the enforcement agencies in Israel – including investigation and prosecution units and the Interpol Unit at the Israel Police. 

What Is Extradition? 

Extradition is the transfer of a suspected or convicted person to another country, so he can be tried or his sentence enforced. Extradition proceedings in Israel are carried out pursuant to Israel's Extradition Law, 5714–1954, and the extradition conventions to which the State of Israel is a signatory.
As of late, there has been a significant increase in the importance of the extradition proceedings worldwide on account of technological developments and the world becoming a "Global Village", allowing criminals, in the age of the internet and anonymity, to cooperate relatively easily with their partners in different countries.
During recent years, offenders who have committed serious and sophisticated crimes, sometimes within the framework of organized crime, have been extradited from Israel to different countries, notwithstanding that they committed the crimes without leaving Israel's borders.

Extradition in Israel 

The State of Israel has unique requirements in extradition proceedings such as the requirement that the incoming extradition request meets the standard defined as "Prima Facie" evidentiary level for the purpose of the requested extradition to a foreign country.  Likewise, due to the fact that the State of Israel is a country with a high rate of emigration, there is a requirement whereby a suspect who is a citizen and resident of Israel at the time he/she committed the offense shall be returned to Israel in order to serve his/her sentence, after his conviction in the country which requested his extradition.