​The Department of International Affairs at the Office of the State Attorney is the spearhead of the Israeli struggle against international crime. The Department is working to reinforce the international cooperation in the struggle against serious, organized and intercontinental crime and expand Israel's share in this cooperation.
The Department also coordinates and leads the Israeli prosecution's relations with the parallel prosecution authorities in foreign countries, as well as with international prosecution organizations.

Structure and Functions

The Department of International Affairs at the Office of the State Attorney which is located in Jerusalem and comprises approximately 25 employees. 
The Department is headed by Mr. Yuval Kaplinsky.

Fields of Activity

Within the framework of the fields of Extradition and International Legal Assistance for which the Department is responsible, it deals, inter alia, with large scale cases concerning crimes of violence, drugs, fraud, government corruption, gambling and taxation, including those committed by criminal organizations based in Israel or those who are based abroad yet are criminally active within Israel's borders. These cases continuously pose new challenges. They are characterized by a multiplicity of felonies, a multiplicity of offenders, and planned activity designed to camouflage the offenders' tracks and make the collection of evidence against those behind the criminal activity difficult. Frequently the crimes are intentionally committed in several countries, either for the purpose of carrying out the criminal activity itself or for the purpose of concealing its profits. The conduct of extradition cases in the Israeli court involves a great deal of litigation, whose scale has increased over recent years, and involves dealing with several questions, including numerous from the field of domestic law, such as arrests and their supervision, immunities, the right to examine the investigative materials, seizures and forfeitures.
During recent years the number of domestic cases entailing legal assistance proceedings and the collection of evidence abroad, throughout the investigation or during the trial itself, has steadily increased.  In many complex cases the Department issues requests for legal assistance to several countries, while simultaneously accounting for the many issues arising from the relevant legal systems.
The Department of International Affairs serves as the Central Authority in the field of the transfer of sentenced prisoners. Within this framework the Department works to examine and promote the possibility of foreign prisoners serving sentences in Israel being transferred to their respective countries of citizenship, and in particular the transfer of Israeli prisoners who have been tried and imprisoned abroad to serve their sentences in Israel.
Concurrently, The Department of International Affairs functions as the Central Authority for the implementation of the Hague Convention on Child Abduction. Within this framework the Department toils to return children who have been abducted by one of their parents from their country of residence to another country. The Department also assists in the enforcement of visitation arrangements between parents who live in different countries.