Public Enquiries

​The Public Enquiries (Ombudsman's) Department of the Ministry of Justice deals with the response to public enquiries and providing a solution for complaints on subjects related to the Ministry's activity.
An enquiry/complaint can be submitted to the Public Enquiries (Ombudsman's) Department in several ways: by mail, fax or electronic mail (see Means of Communication).  The response will be sent to the Applicant in writing within 45 days of receipt of the enquiry, after examination of the factual and legal position

​In cases in which the handling of the enquiry/complaint is a complex matter and requires a response of various parties in the Ministry, an interim reply will be sent to the Applicant in which he is informed that the matter is being processed and that, upon conclusion of an examination, he will receive an answer.

As a general rule, the answer sent to the Applicant includes a description of the manner in which the enquiry/complaint is being processed, the findings of the examination and the clarification, explanations, and opinion of the party who examines the complaint, or the legal position on the subject.

In cases in which a complaint is submitted, the party against whom the complaint is made must be one of the bodies who are subject to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, and as has been stated, there is a wide arc of such bodies, details of whom are specified on the internet website.

The Ombudsman may investigate the complaint or enquiry in any way that he sees fit, and he is not bound by the provisions of the rules of procedure or the laws of evidence.

The Ombudsman has no authority to investigate a complaint in relation to a matter that is pending before a Court or Tribunal, or in respect of a matter in which a Court or Tribunal has made a decision about it on its merits, nor can a complaint be investigated in respect of a judicial action of a Court or a Judge.

The decisions and findings of the Ombudsman regarding the investigation of any enquiry or complaint shall not be construed as conferring on a complainant or any other person, any right or relief in a Court, nor shall his decisions be construed as precluding any right or relief to which the applicant is entitled by law.

The Department also deals with applications for receipt of information under the Freedom of Information Law, 5758-1998.


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