Retrials are legal procedures defined in section 31 of the Courts Act, 1984, which allows the Supreme Court to order that a retrial be held for criminal cases that have already been decided. In 2001, the Public Defense was authorized (by virtue of the Public Defense Act, Section 18(a)(19)) to represent convicted individuals who request retrials, in the event that the national public defender finds cause to apply for a retrial for the convicted defendant, and when the terms defined in section 15(a)(1) until (3), or (c) of the Criminal Procedure Law, 1982 apply.
After the law was amended, the Retrial Department was established in the National Public Defense Office in order to evaluate requests for retrials submitted by convicted individuals and to submit them to the Supreme Court – when deemed appropriate. The evaluation conducted by the public defense office determines whether there is just cause for retrial in accordance with section 31 of the Courts Law.
The department was established in 2003 and was directed by Adv. Efrat Fink of the National Public Defense Office. Since her appointment as justice in 2013, the department has been directed by Adv. Keren Ablin-Hertz.
To request representation for retrial, please fill in the attached form and send it to the Retrial Department at the National Public Defense Office.
Fax number: 03-6932617
Or by mail to: The Retrial Department, National Public Defense Unit, 4 Henrietta Szold St., Tel Aviv, 6133201