About the Department of Policy Planning and Strategy

​The Department of Policy Planning and Strategy of the Ministry of Justice was established in May 2014 following Government Decision No. 4085 of September 14, 2008 and as part of a government-wide move to establish policy planning and strategy departments in all government ministries to improve the governability, planning and execution of the government.

​The department serves as a comprehensive staff unit, helping the Minister and the Director General to consolidate long-term policy and strategy, as well as yearly work plans in the Ministry of Justice.


The Purpose of the Department

The Department of Policy Planning and Strategy will initiate and lead strategic processes, and will serve as a model of institutionalizing an organizational culture of excellence in management and professional work in order to enable the Ministry of Justice to implement its mission and goals.


Roles of the Department

  • Development, application and assimilation of organizational methodology for the consolidation of strategic planning and policy application processes, based on: situation assessments, definition of organizational goals and objects of execution, definition of productivity indexes and more;
  • Management of the annual and multi-year work plan arrays for the Ministry and its units;
  • Monitoring the work plans of the Ministry and its units;
  • Execution of professional assessment, monitoring and control processes regarding the manner in which policies approved by the units of the Ministry and its subordinate agencies are implemented;
  • Concentration of staff work to consolidate and examine plans to improve the functioning of the Ministry and its units;
  • Planning and consolidating system-wide projects;
  • Leading, initiating and synchronizing action interfaces on the intra-Ministerial and inter-Ministerial levels;
  • Leading professional planning teams and the various interested parties in fashioning policy, in various policy issues, consolidation and drafting of Ministry-wide plans, documents and policy products;
  • Leading regulation optimization processes and reducing bureaucracy;
  • Promoting and assimilating of a process to estimate affects prior to the formation of new regulation (RIA);
  • Management of a consolidation array for GD directives and Ministry work procedures;
  • Initiating changes in planning, organization and standardization.


The Department's Deputy Director General: Mr. Eldad Canetti.