The Notaries Licensing Department

​General Review of the Department's Activity

The Department for the licensing of notaries in the Ministry of Justice was established in 1976 upon the enactment of the Notaries Law, 5736-1976. 
The Department processes applications for the grant of a Notary License and in this context, it coordinates the work of the Licenses Committee, in accordance with the Notaries Law 5736-1976, that Committee being empowered to grant a Notary License to applicants who meet the criteria prescribed in the Law.

​The Licenses Committee consists of 7 members, it is headed by the Director General of the Ministry of Justice and its other members are 2 representatives of the Israel Bar Association, 3 Public Representatives and a further Member who is a Notary.

Members of the Licenses Committee

Dr. Guy Rothkopf, The Director General of the Ministry of Justice, Chairman
Orli Garty-Serussi, CPA, Public Representative
Advocate Yitzhak Mashiach, Public Representative
Advocate Benzion Malcha, Public Representative
Advocate Moshe Eliash, Notary
Advocate Yoseph Kemper, Representative of the Israel Bar Association
Advocate Michael Bach, Representative of the Israel Bar Association
Pursuant to what is provided in Section 45 of the Notaries Law, employees of the Courts throughout the Country are empowered on behalf of the Minister of Justice to authenticate signatures of Notaries on notarized documents that are intended for use outside of Israel. The Department is engaged in the supervision and training of employees of the Courts on this subject. 
The Department is also engaged in supervision of the work of Notaries by means of Inspectors working on its behalf.  The supervision is carried out on a nationwide basis and encompasses hundreds of visits every year. The Department receives regular reports from the Inspectors, it monitors results of the inspection visits, examines the results and formulates conclusions and recommendations with regard to the institution of disciplinary proceedings, and furnishing such recommendations to the Attorney General. 
In addition the Department handles complaints submitted against Notaries, which entails making contact with the person who is the subject of the complaint in order to obtain his response to the complaint, examination of the complaint and any appendices attached to it and formulating recommendations as to the institution of disciplinary proceedings and furnishing these to the Attorney General, who constitutes the Complaint Prosecutor under the Law.
The Department keeps a monitoring database register of Notaries, collects license fees and deals with the annual updating of the fee as well as the statutory remuneration for Notaries' services and the publication of them.


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