Apart from scrupulously observing professional quality, the Legal Aid Department excels in its policies of high quality, fast and efficient service.

If you think that your matter is not being handled properly and/or no appropriate solution has been given for your enquiries and complaints, we are here to help.

There is an address for every complaint. You may apply to any one of the Legal Aid districts and send a letter to the address appearing on the website and we will do everything to help.

If despite our efforts an error has occurred in the content of the website we would be grateful if you could draw our attention to it.
We would be especially pleased if you could suggest to us how to improve the service we provide, including via a letter to the e-mail address.

Press here to send a message via e-mail
Or to the address of the Administration of the Legal Aid Department
1 HaSoreg St., Mitzpe House, Jerusalem, P.O.B. 1777, Zipcode 9414501