Remarks from The Head Of National Legal Aid

The Legal Aid Department has been providing legal aid in the field of civil law for over 35 years, pursuant to the Legal Aid Law, 5732 – 1972 and the Legal Aid Regulations, 5733 – 1973. ​

 During each one of the recent years more than 70,000 people applied to the Department and they received representation in more than 200,000 legal proceedings a year.

In addition to its main role in the provision of legal aid to a specific person in a particular case, the Department regards itself as having a constitutional role of the first rank in preserving the principle of equality between the litigant parties on the one hand and in ensuring that a fair trial is held on the other hand. The Department sees to it that the right of every person to apply to legal forums and the right to legal redress becomes an important de facto theoretical principle. The words of the Hon. Justice Cheshin (as he then was) are appropriate in this matter: "The right of access to the court is not a basic right in the normal meaning of the term basic right. It belongs to another set of norms in the legal system, in other words – and this is what I say – that override the basic right. Furthermore, its existence is a necessary and essential condition for the existence of the other basic rights." (Civil Appeal 733/95 Arpel Aluminium Ltd. vs. Klil Indusries Ltd., Piskei Din 51(3) 629 at Paragraph b). In order to realize the important role of gatekeeper of the rights of anyone who is unable to retain the services of a lawyer, the Department works, inter alia, in order to inform the persons needing its services about the possibilities available to them.
 Out of an approach which focuses on the client, the Department is also working diligently and tirelessly on improving the service to its clients in all its activities, while constantly improving. Within this framework we are working under our motto "Realization of your rights is the fulfillment of our goal".
This website is one of the tools for reinforcing the information and improvement of the service.
On the website you can find a summary description of the Department and its structure, useful information about the location of the offices and their opening hours, the matters in which legal aid will be granted as well as a guide to applicants for the aid, questions and answers, relevant legislation, etc.
 We hope that this website will serve as an additional tool and improve the service in all the Department's fields of activity, while aspiring to excellence, professionalism, transparency and the provision of a high quality service to all the applicants for legal aid.
 A great deal of time and thinking have been invested in the formation of the website. I would like to thank everyone who was a partner in the conception, creation and formation of the website who are too numerous to mention personally. We shall continue to act in order to improve the service, including this website. 
gilad semama
The Legal Aid Department Supervisor