Land Appraisals Council

The Land Appraisal Department is a professional unit of the Ministry of Justice, which is independent in its decisions. The Department has vast experience in all matters pertaining to real estate. Appraisals made by the Department influence all real estate and building related economic activity in the State.

The main functions of the Council are:

  1. Keeping the Land Appraisers Register.
  2. Conducting qualification examinations for Land Appraisers.
  3. Registration of trainees and supervision of training in Land Appraisal.
  4. Dealing with complaints in respect of conduct not in keeping with the profession of Land Appraisal.

The Council's Activities:

Examinations and Appeals.
  1. The Council holds 14 licensing examinations on two dates annually and in two stages:
      - The preliminary examinations stage which consists of 14 examinations.
      - The final examinations stage Part I, which consists of 2 examinations and the Part II final examinations
        stage which consists of 1 examination.
  2. Granting exemptions from preliminary examinations based upon previous studies.
  3. Dealing with appeals submitted in respect of all the examinations.
  4. Training
    Supervision of the training of persons intending to be Land Appraisers, in order to verify that the trainees have received the necessary professional training.  It is the Committee's intention to carry out spot-checks on site at places where training is taking place with a view to examining the degree of benefit being derived by the trainee from his work.
  5. ​Discipline
    Operation of a Complaints Committee whose function is to assist the Prosecutor in examining disciplinary complaints about the conduct of Land Appraisers.  In the appropriate cases the Prosecutor files a disciplinary complaint with the Disciplinary Committee, which is an adjunct of the Land Appraisals Council.
  6. Miscellaneous
    Discussion and dealing with subjects pertaining to Land Appraisal, such as the initiation and overseeing of draft laws and regulations promoted by the Ministry of Justice.

Officials Occupying Positions on the Land Appraisal Council


Members of the Council

Ms. Aliza Ken, Advocate, Senior Commissioner (Property - Counseling and Legislation), the Chairperson of the Council.
Tal Aldrussi, The Chief Government Appraiser.
Dr. Danny Ben Shahar, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Building in the Technion.
Mr. Ohad Danuss, Land Appraiser, Chairman of the Chamber of Land Appraisers.
Mr. Dotan Deri, Land Appraiser.
Mr. Adi Zvickel, Land Appraiser.
Ms. Oranit Klaro, Chief Land Appraiser of the Taxes Authority.
Mr. Amit Alon, Land Appraiser, Tel Aviv and Central District Government Housing Commissioner.
Professor Yigal Cherny, Senior Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Studies, Haifa University.
Advocate Yaron Yitzhak Groffman, Public Representative.

The Council Secretariat

  • Shlomo  Marla, Secretary of the Council
  • Iris Shem-Tov, Deputy Secretary of the Council
  • Aviva Tovi
  • Mirit Cohen
  • Liat Paz
  • Einat Pfeffer
  • Advocate Assaf Stern
Disciplinary Committee
  • Mr. Arieh Rotter, Advocate, Chairman of the Committee
  • Mr. Benzion Goldstein, Land Appraiser
  • Ms. Nurit Hershkovitz, Land Appraiser
  • Ms. Levana Eshed, Land Appraiser, Deputy
The Council's Committees
  • Complaints Committee
  • Examiners and Examination Coordinators
  • Examination Supervisory Committees
  • Examinations Appeals Committee
  • Trainees Committee
  • Syllabus Committee
  • Academic Committee

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