Land Appraisal Department

The Land Appraisal Department is a professional unit of the Ministry of Justice, which is independent in its decisions. The Department has vast experience in all matters pertaining to real estate. Appraisals made by the Department influence all real estate and building related economic activity in the State.

The Chief Government Appraiser heads the Department. There are three district offices subordinate to the Department management in Jerusalem, namely the Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem offices. The Jerusalem office has further responsibility for the Beersheba office and for appraisals in Judea and Samaria. Each office includes an office Manager, a Deputy Manager, District Appraisers, Appraisers and Trainees.

Responsibilities are divided between the offices on a geographical basis. (Hebrew)


Functions of the Land Appraisal Department:

The Land Appraisal Department is responsible for the appraisal of real estate assets in which either the State or its Agencies have an interest, and in the supervision of all real estate appraisal work undertaken on behalf of the State. A Government Decision obliges all State Ministries and Agencies to seek an appraisal by the Department before undertaking any transaction in which a Ministry or Agency intends to acquire, lease, expropriate, sell, let or take tenancy of in a real estate asset.
The Department prepares appraisals for various purposes such as tenders of rights in State land, estimation of compensation due for the expropriation of property or for decreases in land value, the sale and purchase of real estate assets, acquisition of rights in secured tenancies, payments to the Israel Lands Administration such as consent fees and lease capitalization fees, and the leasing of offices and facilities for Government use.
The Chief Government Appraiser and the Managers of the Offices act in an advisory capacity in land management, eviction, purchase and expropriation related activities. Employees of the Department participate in Government ministry committees, as committee members, observers and advisors.

The following are the main organizations to which the Department supplies professional services:

  • The Israel Lands Administration
  • The Administrator General 
  • The Ministry of Defense
  • The Ministry of Construction and Housing
  • The Ministry of Transport
  • The Ministry of Absorption
  • The Ministry of Finance
  • The Land Registry
  • The State Attorney's Office

Land Appraisals: Functions and Requirements

A Land appraisal is an estimate of the value of rights in land at a given date. The subject of real estate appraisal combines knowledge from various disciplines, such as economics, law, civil engineering, geodetics, taxation and finance. A Land Appraiser inspects the subject property, surveys the market and prepares a report, which is then submitted to the party ordering the appraisal. 

The appraisal report includes:

  • Identifying details of the subject property
  • Details of the persons who inspected the property
  • The Date of Valuation
  • The purpose of the appraisal report
  • A description of the property and its environs
  • Town Planning information
  • Legal title
  • Principles and approaches applied in the Appraisal
  • A calculation and estimation of value
Under the Land Appraisal Law 2001, only Registered Land Appraisers, who are registered in the Register of Land Appraisers, may undertake the appraisal of real estate. A person holding a recognized higher education degree, who has passed the examinations of the Appraisers Council and successfully completed a one year internship, may apply to be registered in the Register. 

In addition to regulation of the profession as set out in the Land Appraisal Law, the profession is supervised by the Land Appraisers Council. The Council is appointed by the Minister of Justice and comprises 11 members who include State employees, private sector Appraisers and public representatives.