Data Base of Registered Companies and Voluntarily Liquidated Companies

​​We wish to inform you that a file containing the list of registered companies and voluntarily liquidated companies has been uploaded into the Governments data bases.​​​


Companies Database–​​Companie Registrar

This service allows any person to review the registered companies database file by the registry conducted by the Companies Registrar. 

The file contains a list of companies registered by the registry conducted by the Companies Registrar, including companies with the status as follows:

Active, under liquidation, in receivership, active or under liquidation – settlement proceeding, arrangement, temporary liquidation, toward voluntary liquidation, under voluntary liquidation, under liquidation by court, under write-off proceedings, written off, voluntarily dissolved, dissolved by court, dissolved due to merger, temporarily active and delisted from the registry.

The file is updated once a day and it includes the corporation number, the corporation's name, the corporation's English name, the corporation's type, the corporation's status, the corporation's description, the corporation's goal, incorporation date, limitations, law violating, annual report and the company's address.