Quarterly Report on Donations from a Foreign Political Entity


​Nature of the Service

Confirmation of adequate management will be issued for an association that fulfils the aforesaid requisites, only at the end of two years of continuous activity.
An association with less than two years of continuous activity is entitle to receive confirmation of submission of documents, provided it has submitted all the documents stated above and received a certificate of their adequacy from the Registrar.

Applicable Provisions of the Law

The Associations Law 5741-1980, Section 36a, Section C of the second amendment.

Required Documents and Guidelines

  • An Association/Public Benefit Company will submit a quarterly report of donations it received from foreign political entities.
  •  After filling-in the forms, print and sign them before submitting them to the Registrar.
  •  The quarterly report applies to donations of any amount and to all Associations/Public Benefit Companies regardless of their financial turnover.
The following details should be stated for any donation from a foreign political entity (definition below):
  1.  The donor’s identity;
  2. The donation amount;
  3. The donation’s designated purpose;
  4. The conditions for the donations if any, including commitments given by the Association reading the donation (orally or in writing, directly or indirectly);
  5.  When receiving a donation the Association/Public Benefit Company should make every possible effort to verify whether the donation was given by a foreign political entity.
  6. The report should be submitted within 7 days from the end of that quarter, during which the donation was received;
  7. If the Association/Public Benefit Company has an internet website, it should publish, where it is clearly visible, the information contained in the quarterly report submitted to the Registrar;
  8.  To the extent that the donation from a foreign political entity was intended to finance a special advertising campaign, it must publish within the advertisement, that it received the donation;
  9. Providing a deceitful answer regarding the aforesaid report is an offense punished by imprisonment. Failure to submit the report is an offense punished by a fine as defined in the law;
  10. The Registrar will publish on the Ministry of Justice internet website the list of Associations and Public Benefit Companies that submitted a quarterly report;
  11. The quarterly report does not detract from the Association/Public Benefit Company’s duty to submit an annual report regarding donations received from a foreign political entity as part of the financial statement (details in the service information pages ‘Application for a Certificate of Adequate Management’);
  12.  An Association/Public Benefit Company may not request the Registrar to authorize confidentiality concerning names of donors from a foreign political entity.
  •  “A Foreign Political Entity” - each one of the following:
A foreign country, including -
  1. A union, organization or league of foreign nations (in this section - a union of foreign countries);
  2. An organ, authority or representative of a foreign country or of a union of foreign countries;
  3. A local or district authority, a government authority of a foreign country or of a country that is a members of a treaty of countries in a foreign country (in this section a foreign body);
  4. A union, organization or league of foreign bodies;

The Palestinian Authority, as defined in the Extending the Validity of Emergency Regulations Law (Judea and Samaria - Jurisdiction and Legal aid) 5728-1967;
A corporation established by legislation of one of the bodies specified in paragraphs (1) or (2) or a body as aforesaid, holding more than half of a certain type of means of control in the corporation or that appointed the corporation to act on its behalf; in this matter “means of control”, “holding” - according to their meaning in the Securities Law, 5728-1968;
A foreign company with a turnover in the last fiscal year for which it had to submit Financial Statements, received mostly from bodies specified in paragraphs (1) to (3).



Note: Do not send the draft to the Registrar​

Service Fees

Free of charge.

Options for receiving service

  •  Postal delivery
Israeli Corporations Authority – Unit of the Registrar of Associations, 39 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem 9446722, P.O. Box 34071, Jerusalem 9134001.
  •  Reception hours
39 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem - Migdalei Habira, Building 1, 10th floor.
Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday - document submission only, in the box (located on the ground floor of the building).


  • Do not send the draft to the Registrar
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