Application for the Registration of an Existing Company as a Public Benefit Company


Nature of the Service

Application for the Registration of an Existing Company as a Public Benefit Company

Applicable Provisions of the Law

The Companies Law-1999 Sections 10, 15-34, 38-44, 345a and b.

Required Documents and Guidelines

  • The Company’s Documents of Incorporation including the Certificate of Incorporation and the Articles of Association and the changes made in its name /objectives / and the Articles of Association, in the original or true to the original signed by a lawyer and by the Registrar of Companies.
  • A declaration of competence of the First Audit Committee Members drawn according to Form D (below).
  • A declaration of the shareholders, directors and Audit Committee members that they know that an application to register the company as a Public Benefit Company has been drawn according to Form E (below).
  • Details regarding the company assets including money; should the company have no ownership over asserts - state it clearly.
  • The Israeli Corporations Authority recommended articles of Association for Public Benefit Companies. Handling time for an application for the Registration of a Public Benefit Company submitted with the recommended Articles of Association attached will be shorter than the regular schedule for registration applications.
  • The documents detailed above should be signed in advance in accordance with the requirements and validated by a lawyer.
  • The Registrar’s Resolution
Subject to the submission of all the required documents and the compliance of the Application and Articles of Association with the provisions of the law, the Registrar will approve the registration of a Public Benefit Company and will give it an amended Certificate of Incorporation attesting that it has become a Public Benefit Company.


Options for receiving service

  • Postal delivery 
Israeli Corporations Authority – Unit of the Registrar of Associations, 39 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem 9446722, P.O. Box 34071, Jerusalem 9134001.
  • Reception hours 
39 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem - Migdalei Habira, Building 1, 10th floor.
Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; Hours 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Tuesday - document submission only, in the box (located on the ground floor of the building).

Handling Time

The registration of a Public Benefit Company is up to 45 days from the date the documents were received at the offices of the Authority.