​The Corporations Authority had been established in 2007 as an organization responsible for the registration, supervision, enforcement and control of corporations in Israel. The Authority includes the Registrar of Companies unit, the Registrar of Partnerships unit, the Registrar of Pledges unit, the Registrar of Associations unit, the Registrar of Charitable Trusts and public benefit companies, as well as the Registrar of Political Parties unit. Integrating the units into one authority had stemmed from the recognition that there is need for re-organization - conceptual and structural - of the state’s handling of corporations, and while adapting such to the legal, economic and technological reality of the corporate world in Israel.

Alongside the professional units specified above, two additional units had been established at the Corporations Authority:
  1. The Enforcement and Control Department, entrusted with control and enforcement of the provisions under law in respect of corporations, both within the associations and public benefit companies domain (emphasizing requests for liquidation of associations and public benefit companies by court order) as well as within the companies domain (declaring a violating company).
  2. The Public Service Unit is entrusted with the entire public service array, including the service and information center, public reception as well as postal and clearing services for the entire Authority.

The powers vested in the registrars of the various units had been vested in the Corporations Authority Director, and had been set forth under the following legislation: The Amutot Law 5740-1980; the Trust Law, 5739 - 1979; the Companies Law, 5759 - 1999; the Companies Ordinance [New Version], 5743 - 1983; the Partnerships Ordinance [New Version], 5735 - 1975; the Business Names Registration Ordinance - 1935; the Political Parties Law, 5752-1992; the Pledge Law, 5727 - 1967; the Pledge Regulations (Registration and Review Procedures), 5754 - 1994; the Administrative Offenses Regulations (Administrative Fine - Associations), 5764 - 2004; as well as any other enactment by virtue of the aforementioned laws and ordinances, and additional legislation under the laws concerning exercising these powers.
Since its establishment, the Corporations Authority has been operating tirelessly for setting forth standards of excellence, innovation and professionalism, ensuring continuous improvement of the service provided to the public, as well as effective control, monitoring and enforcement of the provisions under law applying to corporations. Among the other Authority’s changes and achievements, the primary ones below may be listed:
  • ​Establishment of the Authority Information Center, which is a true revolution in the quality of service provided to the public and the availability of such - providing phone and e-mail responses to inquiries and service requests related to controlled corporations, as well as providing technical support for use of the Corporations Authority’s website as well as executing operations and obtaining services through such.
  • Upgrade and development of computerizing and technology systems, which included implementation of the latest and most advanced software in the professional units, alongside executing computerizing developments in the existing work software. At the same time, the Authority is vigorously promoting in collaboration with the employees of the information systems department, characterizing and developing an overall unified computing system for all of the Authority’s units (“Bereshit”), which will constitute an on-line authority system, enabling corporations to update and execute operations completely on-line through the Authority’s website, including remote submission of requests for services at the Authority, obtaining operation status reports, obtaining alerts on debts and more.
  • Transition to a “Paperless Authority”, which a project is engaging in scanning all of the corporations' files into a digital pool, which had been completed during the year 2012. Accordingly, the services provided to the general public had been expanded and include the option for remote order of scanned corporation files on CD, along with placing computerized review and information posts, as well as “information and payment kiosks”, enabling the general public to obtain services and payment of fees. 
  • Switching over to on-line services and expansion thereof, which include, among others: On-line forms, on-line reports, generating company extracts, locating companies and obtaining information concerning such, as well as viewing associations and public benefit companies information, all through the Authority’s website. 

The Corporations Authority’s Vision:

The core of the Corporations Authority’s vision is improving the services provided to the public in terms of quality, professionalism, efficiency and accessibility, along with effective control, monitoring and enforcement of the provisions under law applying to corporations.
At your service on the new website of the Corporations Authority, detailed, accessible and understandable service pages in respect of each of the services provided by each of the Corporations Authority units (companies, partnerships, pledges, associations and public benefit companies, religious endowments, political parties as well as an enforcement and monitoring department).

 Further on the website may be found a variety of online services provided by the Authority’s various units. This alongside guidelines and instructions​ in respect of the services, online forms and forms that may be download, option of payment, relevant legislation​sin their updated version, common questions and answers, as well as ,news and updates​ all in respect of each of the Corporations Authority’s professional units.

Updates and notifications on behalf of the Corporations Authority are continuously posted on the website, as well as various publications relevant to corporations’ conduct.

We hope that the information on the website will be of benefit to its users and assist in the orderly activities of corporations in Israel.