Information Systems


Forward by the Director of the Department

​The purpose of the Information Systems Department is "to enable the Ministry of Justice, together with all its units, to realize its vision by providing advanced, reliable, available and protected information systems which facilitate business continuity in a way that allows the units to fully perform their functions in the most effective way".

​The Information Systems Department is in charge of providing an optimal teleprocessing solution that answers the needs of the Ministry of Justice and all its various Units. The Department provides teleprocessing services to more than 4,000 workers located in more than 40 different Departments and Units as well as to the general public.

The Information Systems Department acts to place an advanced, modern, reliable and available information system at the disposal of the various Units in order to fulfill two central objectives which the Director-General of the Ministry has set for himself: to improve the service being provided to the citizen and to improve the efficiency of the Units' work. Moreover, in keeping with the spirit of the times, the Department is involved in an ongoing process of streamlining, improving efficiency and lowering the cost of maintaining the Ministry's systems.


Best wishes, 
Yair Frank
Senior Head of Department, Information Systems    



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