MONEYVAL is an FSRB organization of the European Region and currently has 30 members, including various European countries and international organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

MONEYVAL strives to ensure that countries comply with international standards in the fields of money laundering and terror financing through Mutual Evaluations between member states. MONEYVAL also holds conferences and professional discussions on issues in the fields of money laundering and terror financing.
Israel has been an active observer in MONEYVAL since 2006, and also serves as an evaluator. In 2013, MONEYVAL granted the voting right to Israel, therby upgrading israel's status to one similar to other member states and jurisdicitions in the organization.
In 2013, Israel faced another comprehensive evaluation by MONEYVAL. In March, MONEYVAL performed a second comprehensive evaluation of the State of Israel's AML regime, including its compliance with the new FATF recommendations and standards, as well as the effectiveness of the Israel AML/CFT regime. The evaluation included meetings with representatives from relevant government ministries, law enforcement agencies and regulators. MONEYVAL adopted the second evaluation in February 2014.
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