Annual Report of 2014


​The Israel Patent Office (ILPO) is proud to present its annual report for 2014. The report focuses on statistical data that shows the office's performance in its various departments: patents, PCT, designs and trade marks. The report exemplifies the strong commitment of the ILPO to transparency. In 2014 the ILPO has continued to improve its services while providing services to domestic and foreign applicants. 

Asa Kling, Director of the ILPO:" the ILPO is constantly aiming at improving the services it provides in the different areas of its activities. From reviewing the ILPO annual report it is clear that this trend continued in 2014 as in the past years, thanks to the dedicated work of the ILPO employees. In 2014 the international profile of the ILPO has been enhanced by hosting the MIA conference in February. The insistence on the effectiveness of the registration process of industrial IP, contributes to preserving Israel's status as a leader in technological innovation."

​Major accomplishments in 2014:


2014 was the third year the ILPO operates as an International Searching and Examining Authority (ISA/IPEA) under the PCT. About 59% of all Israeli applicants have designated Israel as their ISA/IPEA, choosing the ILPO services over the services of the EPO and the USPTO. This indicates the trust of the Israeli applicants in the professional work they can receive from the ILPO.
During 2014, the ILPO started to serve also as an ISA/IPEA for residents of other countries. As of October 2014, applicants from the US can designate the ILPO as their ISA/IPEA for their PCT applications. In addition, starting from January 2015, Georgian citizens can also designate the ILPO as their ISA/IPEA.
According to WIPO data in 2013, the ILPO along with the JPO, ranked first in the world in terms of transferring PCT applications to WIPO's International Bureau (IB) within the required time of 4 weeks.
During 2014 there was a major increase in the rate of use of the different PPH arrangements. In this year two new PPH arrangements were signed, with SIPO and with the EPO. The arrangement with SIPO has a significant meaning for Israeli applicants, since it provides them a better way to promote and settle their rights in the Chinese market. In addition, the arrangement implies the growing interest Chinese companies have in the Israeli market.
The PPH with the EPO is an expression of appreciation by such an esteemed office to the high quality of examination the ILPO shows. This arrangement allows the option for shortening the queue of examination. Immediately as this arrangement came into force, there was a high rate of use in this current PPH, relatively to other PPH agreements.