Address for customs purposes

The Israel Patent Authority is pleased to announce that following a meeting held with representatives of the Customs Administration, a new entry was added to the Trademarks Department application interface, for the purpose of registering an address for the delivery of notices regarding customs actions to tackle the infringement of registered trademark rights.
Upon the registration of a mark, it shall be possible to submit a request, indicating the address to which notices shall be sent, in accordance with section 200A (a) (2) of the Customs Ordinance [New Version], a relevant power of attorney  and a letter specifying the details of the request must be attached to the online entry.
The above is also applicable to international marks, in which no legal representative has been appointed.
Submission of said application shall not result in a change of the proxy registered in the case, who shall continue to act as the official representative for matters other than customs.
Note that any document filed in accordance with above, which is not flagged as confidential, can be viewed by all parties in the Israel trademark database.