About the Patent Department

What is the Israel Patent Office and what is its function?
The Commissioner of Patents, through the office's clerks and examiners, is authorized to grant patents and to manage the Register of Patents.

The remaining tasks of the Commissioner, the examiners, and the clerks, and the means of carrying out their duties, are defined by the Patents Law 1967-5727 and by the Patents Regulations (Office Practice, Rules of Produce, Documents and Fees) 1968-5728.
Patent applications are filed at the Patents Department of the ILPO from around the globe. According to the field of their invention, each application is directed to a specific examiner (an engineer or expert) in that field. If the invention satisfies the requirements of the Patents Law and Regulations, a patent will be granted. 
The ILPO is open to the public from 8:30 to 13:30 on weekdays, with the exception of Fridays, Israeli holidays and the eve of Israeli holidays.
During these open hours it is possible to inspect patent specifications and abridgements, which are grouped according to their technical field.
Please note that the vast majority of this material is in English.
In addition, it is possible to receive  information on applications that have already been filed .
General instructions on matters of filing a patent can be given by office personal during reception hours or through correspondence. However, officials of the ILPO do not provide legal advice.
Inventors, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies who wish to bring new technological ideas to commercial exploitation are advised to seek assistance through the "TNUFA" agency. This link will direct applicants to the website of the Office of the Chief Scientist and will allow  applicants to receive information on how to exploit their invention by combining technological advances with intellectual property protection.