Fee explanation

|11/4/2015 |

​The fees are divided into two main groups:
Israeli fees for the benefit of Israel Patent Office - Ministry of Justice, for processing the application.
International fees that are transfered to the relevant international Authority for the function it plays.
Within each group there are fixed fees and there are those that depend on the fulfillment of certain conditions.
PCT Fees Payment Options
Upon receiving the payment slip, you can pay the fees in two different ways:

1) Payment at the Postal Bank - Pay the deposit slips at one of Postal Bank branches.
The PCT department issues magnetic payment slips, for payment in the Postal Bank.
The slips consists of three copies:

  1. Copy for the Postal Bank.
  2. Copy for the payer.
  3. Copy for the Ministry of Justice which should be sent to the PCT department at:
    Jerusalem Technology Park- Malcha, Building 5
    1 Agudat Hapoel St.
    Jerusalem, 9695101


2) Online payment via the government's secure ePayment server:
For Israeli PCT fees:
Enter the Israeli PCT fees store at:

type in the payment slip number and the application number indicated on the voucher
Perform payment.

for International PCT fees:
Enter the international PCT fees store at:


Type in the payment slip number and application number indicated on the voucher
Perform payment.

For the convienience of the public, the e-payment server can be accessed also from the website of the PCT Department of the Patent Authority by clicking on the banner "PCT Online Payment".
On each payment slip the fee type is indicated - national or international. Upon receiving two payment slips the payment process must be performed twice, once for each type of fee. You may pay by credit card or via wire transfer. {ayment slips with amounts that exceed 15,000 ₪ can be paid only by bank transfer.

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