PCT Online

​The Israeli Patent Office is pleased to announce the upgrading of the online submission system of international patent applications (PCT) and expanding the services to allow submission of additional documents online, receipt of correspondence (documents and deposit letters) from the PCT division by e-mail.  Applicants will have full on-line inspection as well as ability to further correspond electronically.
Thus, you can enjoy a complete online process, without using paper.

​New international applications may be submitted without an electronic certificate ("smart card"). Other actions, such as filing documents online and viewing existing international applications, require identification with a smart card. Information about the smart card and means of purchase can be found at this link.

New international application can be filed at the PCT online filing site  without need to use a smart card by using the ePCT system of WIPO, in addition to the existing PCT-SAFE software.

Applicants can use the ePCT system to create a file containing an approved request form and then send the file electronically via the PCT online filing site to the Israeli receiving office (RO/IL), together with the international application.

A file that will contain the request form in text coded format (XML), will entitle the applicant to a discount in the international filing fee as specified in item 4b of the PCT schedule of fees.

The use of ePCT will still require that all the other parts of the application and other documents will be prepared and uploaded separately on the online website. This is required in order to comply with Section 91 of Israel Patent Law, 1967 which sets limits on the filing of patent applications concerning national security to states outside of Israel, as the information entered in ePCT (including the name of the invention) are stored on the servers of the international Bureau which are outside the country.

After submitting the application on the site, an e-mail will be sent to the email address of the user as indicated in the database, regarding the receiving status of the application and an SMS (Short Message Service - as defined by the user). If the upload was successful, the status message will include the international application number and the international filing date.

The Israel receiving office will continue to accept requests and documents submitted on paper or on digital media, as done today, depending on the applicant's choice.

To improve the service to the public, when preparing the international application using PCT SAFE / ePCT software, the applicant can request to receive correspondence from the Israel Patent Office by e-mail (only or in addition to paper copies).

Deposit (payment) letters will be produced in PDF format instead of magnetic payment slip, which can be received via e-mail, as defined in the request form. However, you will be able to receive magnetic payment slips upon request to the PCT division through the website.