Freedom of Information Commissioner

​The Freedom of Information Law, 5758-1998 delineates the right of any citizen or resident to receive information from a public register, subject to the exceptions specified therein.
The exceptions are intended to strike a balance between the freedom of information and various rights and interests such as protection of information, the protection of privacy, professional and trade secrets etc.

​The Law prescribes who is entitled to receive information, what types of information it is prohibited to provide or where the non-furnishing of it is discretionary, the manner in which the public authority exercises its discretion when coming to decide whether to furnish the information, and also, the regulations and directives governing the procedures for submitting applications, and their processing.

Further information:

List of the Public Authorities (Hebrew) 

Payment methods:

Under the Freedom of Information Regulations (Fees), 5759-1999, submission of an application involves payment of a statutory fee that can be paid by means of a payment voucher at a post office, and which is sent to the applicant by the Office of the Freedom of Information Commissioner


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