List of Countries and Territories at Risk

1. A country or a territory as determined by the head of the Competent Authority out of the list of the countries or territories for which the FATF published a reservation regarding their compliance with the recommendations of the organization on prohibition on money laundering and terrorist financing. Such a statement as said shall be published in the internet website of the Competent Authority.
2. The following countries or territories:
a)      Iran;
b)      Algiers;
c)      Afghanistan;
d)     The Palestinian Authority;
e)      Libya;
f)       The United Arab Emirates;
g)      Malaysia;
h)      Morocco;
i)        Sudan;
j)        Somalia;
k)      Pakistan;
l)        Tunisia;
m)    Lebanon;
n)      Egypt;
o)      Syria;
p)      Saudi Arabia;
q)      The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan;
r)       Iraq;
s)       the Gaza Strip;
t)       Yemen.