Management of the Druze Religious Courts

​The Druze Community in Israel numbers approximately 133,000 persons living principally in 22 villages in the Mount Carmel area, in Galilee (on the Golan Heights there are 4 villages which came under Israeli jurisdiction after the 6 Day War). 
There are 3 Druze Courts in the State of Israel:
1.  The Druze Court in Acre - founded in 1963
2.  The Druze Court in Masadeh - the Golan Heights - founded in 1972
3.  The Druze Court of Appeal in Acre - founded in 1963

​The Court and the Druze Appeal Court were founded in Haifa in November 1963 and moved to Acre in October 1988.
In the Druze villages there are 62 officials empowered to solemnize marriages of whom there are 7 in the Golan Heights. 
These officials conduct marriage ceremonies in the Druze villages after receipt of a permit from the Druze Religious Court. 
The Druze Courts which since their foundation came under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, were transferred to the authority of the Ministry of Justice on January 28, 2001.