Timetables for Carrying Out Accessibility Accommodations

Timetables for complying with accessibility regulations applicable to existing public places are as follows:

To ease the operational and financial burden entailed in making current services and public places accessible for persons with a disability, the process may be implemented gradually. In other words, gradual execution of the accessibility adjustments, with implementation spread over several years, in adjustment installments defined and completed each year.


Gradual implementation enables those required to comply with the accessibility regulations to plan the adjustments so that at least some of them will be part of the entity's construction and development plans. For example, combining accessibility adjustments with an overall renovation that is in any case planned for a street or building within several years is more efficient and saves resources. Accessibility timetables and gradual application are detailed in the accessibility regulations.


Timetables defined in the Accessibility Law for public places and services:

  • Existing public places (buildings and places that are not buildings):
  1. Owned by a public authority (that is not a local authority) – by 1 November 2018.
  2. Governed by a local authority – by 1 November 2021.
  3. Other ownership (e.g. company, private business, non-profit association) – by 1 November 2017.
  • Public services:
  1. If provided by a public authority or local authority – by 1 November 2018.
  2. If provided by a private entity (e.g. company, private business, non-profit association) – by 1 November 2017.