Services That Must Be Made Accessible

Services requiring accessibility are services provided to the public by a public entity or in a public place. The Law also specifies the services that must be accessible.

A public entity is an entity that provides service to the public, regardless of whether the entity is large or small, private or not, for profit or not for profit.


To avoid any doubt regarding the range of the services requiring accessibility, the first amendment to the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5758–1998, includes a list of services requiring accessibility.


Please note that the following list of services is not exhaustive as every item includes a broad definition of the essence of the service.


  • Health services
  • Entertainment services
  • Education, learning or leisure services
  • Social welfare services
  • Sports services
  • Tourism services
  • Transportation services
  • Cultural services
  • Hospitality services
  • Commerce services
  • Religious services
  • Energy services
  • Bezeq (telecommunication) services
  • Banking, credit, insurance and pension services, or any financial service