Attorney General


The Attorney General heads the justice department of the executive authority and of the judicial system serving the public.


As of 01.02.2016 Dr. Avichai Mandelblit serves as the Attorney General.

​The Attorney General is in charge of a number of spheres:


  • He heads the Prosecutor General's Department -  In this function he is resposible for law enforcement, including professional liability of the Prosecution representatives and their appearance before the relevant legal forums, and representation of the State before such forums in all fields of the law. The Prosecutor General Department includes the State Attorney's Office headed by the State Attorney, as well as the Police Prosecutor and specialized claims in respect of the various Government Ministries and the Local Authorities.​​


  • Giving legal advice to the Government and governmental bodies - In this position he is the duly authorized interpreter of the law vis a vis the State entities subject, obviously, to judicial review.


  • Giving advice, and provision of assistance to the Government and to the Minister of Justice - in the preparation of legal memoranda on their behalf, as well as the examination of private members' bills submitted on behalf of Knesset Members.


  • Safeguarding the public interest it the field of justice - As part of this function the Attorney General is legally empowered to appear before the various courts and attend at the various instances in requisite cases.


The Attorney General in invested with various statutory powers in the field of criminal law, including in respect of appeals against a decision not to prosecute, a stay of proceedings, approval of indictments in various spheres, approvals pertaining to the extension of a remand in custody of a person in detention for more than 30 days, indictments against a minor and a adult, and so forth.


The following Deputies serve along with the Attorney General:

  • The Deputy Attorney General for Administration and Special Functions
  • The Deputy Attorney General in respect of Legislation.
  • The Deputy Attorney General for Public-Administrative Law
  • The Deputy Attorney General for Civil Matters.
  • The Deputy Attorney General for Fiscal-Economic Matters.
  • The Deputy Attorney General for Criminal-Law Matters.
  • The Deputy Attorney General for international law

The Jewish Law Unit also operates under the Attorney General 


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