Appeal Committee under the Holocaust Victims Assets Law


About Us

An Appeal Committee was established under the provisions of Article 4 of the Holocaust Victims Assets (Restitution to Heirs and Endowment for Purposes of Assistance and Commemoration) Law, 5766-2006.​

​The Committee is comprised of three members:

  • The Retired Judge Yehoshua  Gross - Chairman of the Committee 
  • Professor Hannah Yablonka - Member of the Committee 
  • Advocate Lior Lahav - Member of the Committee

The Committee's Functions

Under the provisions of the Law (Sections 27-30) the functions of the Committee are to hear appeals submitted against decisions of the Company for the Identification and Return of Assets of Holocaust Victims Ltd., to issue declarations of death in respect of the death of a holocaust victim which shall also operate solely for the purposes of the issue of a Succession Order or Will Probate Order serving for the purposes of receipt of an asset in accordance with the Law, and further to exercise powers of investigation vested in the Committee with a view to enforcement of a demand for the furnishing of information to the Return Company.

Application can be made to the Committee in the following ways:

By mail - Hadar Daphna Building, 1 Henrietta Szold Street, Tel Aviv Post Code 64924 P.O.Box 33500 Tel Aviv
By telephone - 03-6979582
By Fax - 03-6979584

For further information please refer to: