The Legal Aid Department

The Legal Aid Department in the Ministry of Justice provides Legal Aid in civil matters to applicants who are entitled to it.  The Legal Aid includes legal advice and principally, representation before legal forums by Lawyers appointed by the Department.  The Legal Aid is provided free of charge, except for payment of a contribution of an amount specified in the Regulations, according to income.  The Regulations stipulate a number of cases in which the applicants will be exempt from payment of a fee.

In the Legal Aid Department, there are currently 5 Legal Aid Bureaus operating:
  • The Northern Bureau (located in the City of Nazareth) - which provides legal services for the Northern Region.
  • The Haifa Bureau - which provides legal services for the Haifa Region.
  • The Tel Aviv Bureau - which provides legal services for the Tel Aviv and Central Region.
  • The Jerusalem Bureau - which provides legal services for the area of Jerusalem and the South (Ashdod and Eilat [sic]).
  • The Beersheba Bureau - which provides legal services for Beersheba and the surrounding area, (with the exception of Ashdod and Ashkelon as previously mentioned).
The Bureaus operate under the Legal Aid Law (HE), 5732-1972 and the Legal Aid Regulations (HE), 5733-1973 and provide legal advice, guidance, and principally, representation before the Courts and other legal tribunals, by outside lawyers, who work with the Department in the Courts, the Labor Tribunals and Religious Tribunals, the Execution Offices and also, in special cases, in quasi-judicial committees, such as representation before District Psychiatric Committees when forced hospitalization is ordered.