Guide to public queries and complaints

​The public queries and complaints (Ombudsman) unit of the Ministry of Justice responds to requests and complaints in connection with matters concerning the activity of the Ministry.

How do I submit a complaint?

You can submit a complaint in several ways:
  • Complete a form on line and send it through the website direct to us
  • Send us a letter to POB 42093, Jerusalem 91490
  • Send us a letter by fax, the fax number is 02-6467085
  • Contact the relevant unit in the Ministry of Justice, direct
A complaint via an online form will be answered within 14 working days from the date of its receipt.
A communication by mail or fax will be answered within 24 working days from the date of its receipt.

Note carefully

In order to obtain a speedy answer you are advised to contact us by online form.
In a complaint submitted to the Public Queries and Complaints (Ombudsman) Unit the subject of the complaint must be one of the bodies that come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.  In order to examine whether your complaint is relevant to the Ministry of Justice please study the list of units on the home page of the Ministry of Justice website.

What will an answer to your query contain?

The Ombudsman may investigate the complaint or query in any way he sees fit and he is not bound by any provisions in legal procedure or the laws of evidence. 
Generally speaking, we will set out in detail in every answer to a query, the following matters:
  • The way in which the complaint or query has been processed
  • Findings of the examination and the clarification
  • Explanations of the examination process
  • The opinion of the employee of the unit who examined the complaint or the position in relation to the law applicable to the subject

Note carefully

Nothing in the decisions and findings of the representative of the Ombudsman in relation to investigation of a query or complaint shall give the complainant or any other person any right or remedy in a Court, and nothing by virtue of his decisions shall prevent the exercise of a right or remedy to which the complainant is entitled by law.

What matters do we handle?

In the following cases the complaint will not be examined other than if justification is found for doing so:
  • In a matter that is pending before a court or a tribunal, or in a matter in which a court or a tribunal has made a decision on the merits of the case, or a complaint about a judicial action of a Court or a Judge.
  • A complaint that has also been submitted to the office of the State Comptroller, to the Police or to any other public authority and is being dealt with by them.
  • A complaint that has been submitted after one year has elapsed from the date of the event.
  • An anonymous complaint.
  • A complaint referred to us for our information.
For further details you can call the Ombudsman's Public Complaints Unit: 02-6466340, 02-6466321, 02-6466133.