Checking your rights in the Land Registry Books

​Buying an apartment? Don’t forget to inquire who has rights over the asset. Check whether the person identifying himself as the legal and sole owner of the asset is indeed so. The information about the owners of a specific land is concentrated in a page called Land Registry Extract. Every citizen who wishes to view the land-registry details of a certain asset and has the asset’s details (section and plot, and in case of an apartment building – also sub-plot) may pay and obtain a copy of its extract from the Land Registry Database.

​You don’t need any longer to spend precious time waiting in lines, as information about asset owners in now made available by the Ministry of Justice, just a finger click away. All you are required to do is to enter a section number and a plot number, and you will receive within a matter of minutes the relevant information from the Land Registry Books, directly to the e-mail address you provided to the system.



The online version of the form is merely a copy and can not be regarded as an authorized registry extract or a registry duplicate, as per their meaning in the Land Law and in its subsequent regulations and procedures.
Not always is there absolute matching between the section and plot data-by-address and between the data of the Land Registry, and additional checking is needed to verify that the data fully matches. Every request for information according to section and plot numbers shall be replied following fee payment. The fee shall not be refunded if the data given doesn’t match the requested asset.
If you need help in using this service, you may call our support center on 03-9765200. If you are not answered immediately, you will be referred to an answering service. Leave your name and phone number and you will be contacted shortly.