The State Attorney's Office

The State Attorney is subordinate to the Attorney General and represents the State of Israel and the Governmental Authorities in various courts and tribunals. Although it is considered, in organizational terms, part of the Criminal Law Enforcement System of the Ministry of Justice, the State Attorney's Office operates independently. Some of the office functions are performed by units located at the Head Office and some by the Districts.


The Attorney General



The Attorney General of Israel is the head of the Israeli Prosecution Service. He holds an independently appointed position, responsible for the protection of the rule of law in Israel. The Attorney General is in charge of the State Attorney's Office, the Police Prosecution Service and other prosecution authorities of the Israeli executive branch (Tax Authority Prosecutors, Municipal Prosecutors etc.).



State Attorney's Office Structure



The Main Office departments usually appear in the Supreme Court and the National Labor Court (with the exception of the Economic Department and the Department of International Affairs who appear in District Courts as well), while the District Attorney's Offices appear in the Magistrates' and District Courts, the Family Courts, the Regional Labor Courts, and other judicial tribunals (such as: Release Committees appointed under the Release on Parole Law, 5761-2001), and in exceptional cases in other instances: such as the Local Affairs Court, the Execution Office or the Rabbinical Courts.



Head Office



The Main Office consists of nine departments herein described: Criminal Department; Civil Department; Fiscal Department; Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law;  Economic Department; Labor Law Department; Department of International Affairs; Department of Internal Police Investigations (Internal Affairs); Real Property Law Enforcement Department;



The State Attorney's Office consists of eleven districts, spread throughout the country. These units deal with criminal and civil prosecution and are positioned as mentioned herein: Northern District, Haifa District (Civil), Haifa District (Criminal), Tel-Aviv District (Civil), Tel-Aviv District (Criminal), Tel-Aviv District (Fiscal and Financial), Central District (Criminal), Jerusalem District (Civil), Jerusalem District (Criminal), Southern District (Civil) and Southern District (Criminal).




Deputy State Attorneys



The State Attorney heads the State Attorney's Office and has four Deputies who handle various functions implemented by the office:

  •  Criminal Matters.
  • Civil Matters.
  •  Management and Special Cases.
  •  Economic Enforcement.