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Guides to Services    
Guide to Extracting a Company Abstract    
Guide to Appointment of an Estate Administrator    
Guide to public queries and complaints    
Checking your rights in the Land Registry Books    
Guide to making changes in patent details    
Guide for obtaining a Brokerage License    
Guide to Registration of Patents    
Guide to Online Browsing through the Pawns Database    
Guide to obtaining a Private Investigator's License    
Guide to the restoration of a Nonprofit society    
Guide to receipt of Legal Aid    
Guide to Succession and Estates    

Guides to Services

Guides to Services

Guide to online scrutiny of Land Title Registers (Tabu)


Here it is possible to clarify what information is available by online scrutiny of the Land Title Registers, and how you can obtain such information direct.


Guide to online browsing through the pawns databe 


In a Guide to online scrutiny, the essential stages are set out in detail for obtaining information about charges, and links are added for additional explanations about electronic signature which is official documentary authority for the information that will be obtained in the scrutiny output.


Guide to obtaining a company abstract


Here you can read about all the information obtainable by scrutiny of the company abstract, and receive the most detailed instructions as to the process of scrutinizing the abstract.


Guide to public queries and complaints (Ombudsman)


In this guide, all the methods are detailed for contacting the public queries and complaints (Ombudsman) unit of the Ministry of Justice; explanations are given about the answers to such queries and also detailed are the types of queries and requests that are not processed in the Ombudsman's unit.


Guide to the registration of patents


The process of registration of a new patent is lengthy and has many stages.  This Guide will accompany you step by step in a way that will protect the original idea that you have contemplated.


Guide to changes in details of patents


Instructions for the following actions are set out in detail in this Guide: change of ownership, registration of licenses, charges and attachments, changes in details of the patentee, change of authorized representative and address for service of notices from the Patents Authority and changes in PCT applications that have entered into the national phase stage. 


Guide for the restoration of an Amuta (Nonprofit Society)


The procedures for the revival of an Amuta are detailed in this Guide, including the necessary documents and links for an online application to revive an Amuta.


Guide to receipt of a brokers' license


Not everyone knows, but in order to engage in brokerage it is necessary to meet the conditions prescribed in the Law, to pass an examination in Property Law and to pay the requisite fees.  In this Guide, you will receive all the information that is necessary for an applicant for a broker's license.


Guide to obtaining a Private Investigator's License


The Guide details the conditions for obtaining a Private Investigator's License, two possible tracks for receipt of a license, the stages in submission of an application for a license and links to other relevant information.


Guide to the appointment of an Estate Administrator


When does the need arise for an Estate Administrator?  How does one submit an application for the appointment of an Estate Administrator?  What documents should be attached to the application?  You will receive answers to these and other questions in the Guide for appointing an Estate Administrator.


Guide to succession and Estates


What is the Succession Law and how does it determine the order of succession of heirs?  What types of a Will can be written?  How does one obtain a will probate order and what is the function of the Estate Administrator?  Answers to these and other questions can be found in the heirs and estates Guide.


Guide to obtaining Legal Aid


What is the Legal Aid Department and what services does it provide?  What are the conditions for receipt of legal aid?  How does one submit an application in order to receive assistance?  What is the procedure for processing an application?  Answers to these and other questions can be found in the guide to receipt of Legal Aid.

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