2000 - Venice     2001 - Paris        2002 - Cardiff          2003 - Sydney     2004 - Wroclaw     2005 - Montreux


2006 - London    2007 - Montreal   2008 - Strasbourg    2009 - Madrid     2010 - Jerusalem



2010 - Jerusalem


·       Accreditation Resolution   

·       Administrative Resolutions

·       Resoution on International Conference

·       Resolution on Improvement of the Conference Organizational Setup 

·       Resolution on Privacy by Design



2009 - Madrid


·         International Standards on the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

o        Statement on the Necessity of International Frameworks in Support of the Protection of Privacy and Personal Data

o        Global Privacy Standards for Global World - The Civil Society Declaration  

·         Resolution on Case Reporting

·         Resolution giving directions to the Steering Group to consider seeking observer representation before the Internet Governance Forum, the London Action Plan and ICANN

·         Resolution proposed by the Web Site Working Group

·         Accreditation Resolution



2008 - Strasbourg


·         Accreditation Resolution

·         Resolution on the Urgent Need for Protecting Privacy in a Borderless World, and for Reaching a Joint Proposal for Setting International Standards on Privacy and Personal Data Protection

·         Resolution Concerning the Establishment of a Steering Group on Representation at Meetings of International Organizations

·         Resolution on Children's Online Privacy

·         Resolution on Privacy Protection in Social Network Services

·         Resolution of the Website Working Group

·         Resolution to Explore Establishing an International Privacy/Data Protection Day or Week



2007 - Montreal 


·         Accreditation Resolution

·         Resolution on International Cooperation

·         Resolution on the Urgent Need for Global Standards for Safeguarding Passenger Data to be Used by Governments for Law Enforcement and Border Security Purposes

·         Resolution on Development of International Standards

·         Resolution of the Working Group on Conference Organizational Arrangements



2006 - London


·         London Declaration

·         Resolution on New Accredited Authorities

·         Resolution on Conference Organizational Arrangements

·         Resolution on Privacy Protection and Search Engines



2005 - Montreux


·         Resolution on New Accredited Authorities

·         Declaration of Montreux : "The Protection of Personal Data and Privacyin a Globalized World: A Universal Right Respecting Diversities"

·         Resolution on the Use of Personal Data for Political Communication

·         Resolution on the Use of Biometrics in Passports, Identity Cards and Travel Documents

·         Resolution of the Credentials Committee Concerning Country Observers  



2004 - Wroclaw 


·         Resolution on New Accredited Authorities

·         Amendment to 2003 Conference Resolution on Automatic Software Updates

·         Resolution on a Draft ISO Privacy Framework Standard



2003 - Sydney


·         Resolution on New Accredited Authorities

·         Resolution Concerning the Transfer of Passengers' Data

·         Resolution on Radio-Frequency Identification

·         Resolution on Data Protection and International Organizations

·         Resolution on Automatic Software Updates

·         Resolution on Improving the Communication of Data Protection and Privacy Information Practices



2002 - Cardiff 


·         Resolution De La Conference Concernant L'accreditation De Nouvelles Autorites

·         Statement of the European Data Protection Commissioners at the International Conference in Cardiff (9-11 September 2002) on mandatory systematic retention of telecomunication traffic data

·         Criteria and Rules for Credentials Committee and the Accreditation Principles



2001 - Paris


·         Resolution on the Accreditation Features of Data Protection Authorities



2000 - Venice                            


·         Venice Declaration: Guidelines and Procedures for Conference Resolutions




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