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Yoram Hacohen, Head of ILITA For hundreds of generations, privacy has been recognized as a fundamental human right in Israel. It was mentioned in the Bible in the phrase “How fair are your tents, O Jacob, Your dwellings, O Israel” (Numbers 24:5), interpreted to mean that the tents of the Israelites faced away from each other in order to ensure the privacy of their dwellers. It was elevated to constitutional status in modern Israel in Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty.

Today, privacy stands at a crossroads. The existing legal and regulatory frameworks, in the EU, US, and OECD, as well as in Israel, date back to the 1980s and 1990s. They predate a
new generation of technologies – including mobile devices, biometrics, RFID, cloud 
computing, indeed, the Internet itself – which has swept through the marketplace with such force so as to destabilize laws and regulations. They have seen shifts in the perception of privacy among a new generation of users, who post personal information and communicate with friends and colleagues on social networks. Policymakers all over the world realize that this sea change calls for a new generation of governance.
As head of ILITA, the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, I am honored to invite you to participate in a week of exciting privacy activities in Jerusalem, starting on October 26 with an OECD event marking the 30th anniversary of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, and culminating in the 32nd Annual Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners – “Privacy: Generations” on October 27-29 (October 29: closed session for regulators).
Join us in Israel, a land melding old with new – from the religious, cultural and historical heritage of Jerusalem, to the high tech start ups of what has become known as “Silicon Wadi”. A small country enabling you to visit the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee within hours; inviting you to be inspired by the ancient ruins of Masada in the Judean desert, to relax on the forested mountainsides of the Galilee, and to revel in the vibrant nightlife of Tel Aviv.

We look forward to hosting you here in the Fall.

Yoram Hacohen
Head of