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Ministry of Justice
About the Ministry

About the Ministry


The Ministry of Justice was established in 1948 headed by Pinchas Rosen, since then there have been 23 Ministers in charge of it, and from the March 19, 2013 it has been headed by Minister Tzipi Livni.


The following are the main functions of the Ministry of Justice:


*     Organization of the Courts system in Israel


*     Preparing the text of most of the Knesset draft legislation.


*     Legal Advice to the Government and Government Ministries


*     Enforcement of the Criminal Law through the State Prosecutor's Department


The Ministry of Justice comprises approximately 50 units, and its areas of responsibilities are many and diverse: a system of advice and legislation, the State Attorneys Office, Civil Legal Aid, the Public Defenders Office, the Administrator General and Official Receivers Department, the Land Title Settlement and Registration Department, the Chief Government Assessors Department and the Commission for Equal Rights for Women and the Disabled. The Ministry is charged with responsibility for the Corporate Bodies Authority under the auspices of the Registrar of Companies, the Registrar of Partnerships, the Registrar of Amutot, the Registrar of Pledges, the Registrar of Charities and the Registrar of Political Parties, as well as units charged with responsibility for professional licensing including the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Land Assessors Council, the Registrar of Brokers and the Department for the Licensing of Private Investigators and Guard Services.


The Ministry of Justice keeps abreast of the times and current developments, its areas of responsibility are expanding and new units are being added to it, including the Prohibition of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Authority, Register of Certifying Parties under the Electronic Signature Law, the Information Technology and Protection of Privacy Authority and a Department for the Rights of Jews from Arab Countries.


Hundreds of Lawyers and other professionals are employed in the Ministry of Justice and are charged with provision of many and diverse services to the public at large and to professionals. Among the usual services included in the work of the Ministry are the following:


*     Examination of Rights of Title in the Land Registers.


*     Examination of Pledges of Assets and Vehicles.


*     Database and Registration in relation to various spheres, such as companies, Amutot [Nonprofit societies], patents, property and real estate.


The Ministry and its work are the foundation stone of the existence of the Rule of Law in the State of Israel, and its reinforcement and implementation.


To contact the Ministry of Justice call the Ministry's main exchange line 02-6466666 or apply direct to the Ministry's individual units.

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