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The Department for International Agreements and International Litigation    
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The Office of the Deputy Attorney General (International Law)

Welcome to the website of the Office of the Deputy Attorney General (International Law). The Office is responsible for providing legal counsel to Israel's Government on all aspects of public international law, including its application and interpretation within Israel's legal system, as well as with respect to international litigation, various aspects of treaty negotiations and representation of the State in international forums. This website contains information regarding the professional activities of the Office. I hope that you find the information useful.




                                                                          Dr. Roy Schöndorf

                                                        Deputy Attorney General (International Law)

Please find Dr. Schöndorf's C.V. Here.





The Department for International Agreements and International Litigation


The Department for International Agreements and International Litigation is one of the Ministry of Justice's newest departments. The Department's mandate is to provide legal counseling in the field of International law for Government ministries and other State authorities. The Department assesses the legal implications of different events and circumstances for the State and professional counsel is provided to the State regarding all aspects of international agreements and legal representation in international lawsuits.


The Department's responsibilities include providing ongoing legal counsel on international matters; participation in negotiations for international agreements; providing legal counsel on the legal implications of international agreements, both on the domestic level, as well as on the level of international law; assisting in forming a unified government policy for the different bodies representing the State on various issues, and coordination between the various ministries on these issues.


The Department is also responsible for ensuring that the State is not subject to foreign or international jurisdiction when it signs an international agreement, unless all the relevant factors have been weighed, and an informed policy has been formulated.

The Department for International Agreements and International Litigation


The Human Rights and Foreign Relations Division

The Human rights and Foreign Relations Division is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the Ministry of Justice's foreign relations, including relations with ministries of justice throughout the world, as well as with international bodies and organizations, such as the Red Cross, and international human rights organizations. The Division also handles relations with Christian sects and churches in Israel, as well as with the Bahai Faith. Furthermore, the Division is responsible for responding to queries regarding human rights issues, sent by international organizations and private individuals abroad.

The Foreign Relations Division

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