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On Line Services (Hebrew)

Examination of Rights of Title in the Land Registers


On feeding in the Block and Parcel numbers information is received such as identity of the owners or leaseholders, the area of the Parcel, mortgages and restrictions on transfer. The output from this information is a certified registration abstract or a copy of the Register as such is defined in the Land Law 5729-1969, and the Regulations and Procedures pursuant thereto. The service entails payment.

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Online scrutiny in the Registrar of Pledges             


Information about pledges registered since 1995 and subsequently according to License No. of vehicles or engineering equipment, Aircraft No. and Identity Card Number of the Debtor. The file received bears an electronic signature certifying that it is an official document of proof. Kindly note - examination of a pledge does not cover an examination of attachments and charges. The service entails payment

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Locating a Company


On feeding in a key word it is possible to find the name of the Company in Hebrew and in English and also receive general details such as the type of company, address, legal status and purpose of the company.

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Obtaining a Company Abstract


Upon feeding in the Company Number general information is immediately received about companies, details of Directors of the Company, the total authorized capital and division of the share capital, details concerning the shareholders, details of charges and of liabilities of the Company to the Registrar of Companies.

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Bankruptcy and Winding Up of Companies


Online examination as to whether there are existing receiving orders or bankruptcy orders or winding up orders, and clarification of details about the proceedings being conducted by virtue of such orders. There is no information in the system concerning proceedings that concluded more than 7 years ago, and there is no information about applications that did not reach the stage of a receiving or a winding up order. Some of the information on the website is restricted only to parties with an interest in the file - persons submitting proof of debts claims, officials, the debtors themselves, shareholders and directors.

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The Succession Registrar's Department


Online information for the general public concerning applications submitted to the Succession Cases Registrar, Succession Orders issued by the Registrar, examination of the existence of a Succession Application to the Succession Registrar in respect of a deceased person, or to the Rabbinical Courts and to the Courts and clarification of the response of the Attorney General in relation to applications on the question of an estate and personal status,

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Online Application for Registration of Trademarks


On feeding in the name and password you can complete details of a new application for a trademark. To update a name and password, send an e-mail to: and after about 10 days you will be able to enter the system and submit an application.

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Personal Information for Examinees and Trainees in Accountancy


On feeding in an identity number and file number it is possible to obtain personal information about grades, to submit exemptions from examinations and appeals against grades, to request a photocopy from the examination authority, to update a personal details form, to get an update as to the examination dates and to pay the pupilage fee and licensing fee. Most of the services entail payment of a fee.

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Trademarks Search in the Database


On feeding in a key-word or upon selection of a subject you will immediately receive the following details: the registered trademark, its registration date, address for service of notices, changes journal and the licensees.

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