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Director General
Director General's Office

Director General's Office

The Director General of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the ongoing management of the department, both on a day to day level and on a long-term strategic level.


The Ministry of Justice has a unique organizational structure which is primarily reflected by the large number of professional units and the request to expand the fields that these units are active in.


On an ongoing level the Director General of the ministry, together with the heads of the various units, must ensure that the professional material is being dealt with, that the annual programs are being properly adhered to, that decisions are being implemented, tasks being performed etc.


On the long term level, the Director General of the ministry is responsible for leading the ministry's units towards the multi-year strategic plan including:


  • Formulation and implementation of a strategic program for the Justice Ministry which incorporates formulating a vision and policy, operative plans for greater efficiency, development of an improved organizational model etc.
  • Improvement of the service provided to the public in all the ministry's units regardless of whether they are in direct contact with the public.
  • Improvement of the ministry's computer systems, their adaptation to the new generation of technology in order to achieve their maximum utilization.
  • Training of the managerial staff of the Justice Ministry which, in the future, will lead the ministry towards the vision being formulated.


Office Employees:


Director General

Dr. Guy Rotkopf  


Deputy Director General

Mr. Ronen Gurevitch


Senior Assistants

Ms. Gali Pilovski

Mr. Tomer Amar



Ms. Adina Rachamim – Office Manager

Ms. Michal Sina

Ms. Meirav Barhoum

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