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The Freedom of Information Law

According to the Freedom of Information Law-1998, every citizen and resident is entitled to receive information from a public authority, in accordance with the limitations determined therein. The limitations are intended to balance between the freedom of information and various rights and interests such as State security, safeguarding of privacy, professional and commercial secrets etc.


The law designates who is entitled to receive information, which sort of information is forbidden to transfer or is subject to discretion before being transferred, the measure of discretion of a public authority when transferring information, and regulations and guidelines relating to the procedures of submitting a request and the consideration of such requests.


For additional information:

List of public authorities

Means of payment

In accordance with the ordinances of the Freedom of Information Law (Fees)-1999, submission of a request to receive information is subject to payment of a fee which can be paid by a voucher at the Post Office and which will be sent to the applicant by the Supervisor of Freedom of Information Law in our office.


Conversely, the fee can be paid by credit card on the government payments service website.

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