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Services of the Registrar of Companies

Services of the Registrar of Companies

The Registrar of Companies allows you to carry out services and to obtain information, easily and efficiently, from the comfort of your own chair.


There is no need anymore to run to the service bureau for every payment or form you require. You can now pay your fees through the website, produce an online company extract for a small fee, locate a company and its relevant details in a click of a button, fill-out various online forms, and obtain extensive information about a company’s liquidation, registration, change of name, etc.


The following services are available through the website of the Registrar of Companies:

·         Produce an online company extract

·         Locate a company according to the company’s name or its corporation number.

·         Obtain information about the status of an application.

·         Pay service fees

·         Pay annual fee.

·         Fill out online forms for printing, for creating an originally signed form or for sending them to the Registrar of Companies.



The Company Extract and the information contained in it shall not be used as a replacement for checking the Corporation File with the Registrar of Companies, and the latter shall not be used as a replacement for checking the information contained in the corporation books that are available to the public at the Office of the Registrar of Companies.


For help in using our website, you may call the internet services support team of the Corporate Authority, between 08:30-16:00 to the following number: 1-700-70-60-44, or send an e-mail to

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